Equality Delivery System

The NHS Equality Delivery System is a performance framework enabling organisations to review their performance on equality and diversity, and to identify future priorities and actions. It is designed to help organisations to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and better working environments for staff.

Central to the Equality Delivery System is a set of 18 outcomes aligned to four goals. These outcomes focus on the issues of most concern to patients, carers, communities, NHS staff and Boards. The four goals are:

  • Inclusive leadership at all levels
  • Empowered, engaged & well-supported staff
  • Improved patient access and experience
  • Better health outcomes for all

It is against these goals and the accompanying outcomes that we will assess and grade our performance and determine collectively the action to be taken. The Equality Delivery System grades are set out below:

  • Excelling
  • Achieving
  • Developing
  • Undeveloped

As part of our assessment and grading for Equality Delivery System, or EDS2, we held an event in October 2017 to give our partners, patients, and third sector community organisations the opportunity to shape our work on equality, highlighting our strengths and areas where we needed to improve. The engagement event was attended by over 25 delegates and included round table discussion, assessment of evidence, and grading. The feedback has been used to develop the CCGs equality objectives and health inequalities strategy. The presentation slides can be found here.

The CCG will implement EDS2 and has completed a baseline assessment. Evidence was gathered against each of the 18 outcomes, this was reviewed and graded by patient groups, local stakeholders and staff. The evidence and assessment results are contained within the EDS2 assessment and grading reports for the three CCGS:

We have used the assessment of our equalities performance to set new equality objectives which will be delivered through a robust action plan over the next four years.

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