FOI performance

The CCG publishes all Freedom of Information (FOI) responses via our disclosure log. We also publish information about how many requests we receive, how many we respond to within 20 working days and the number of times we decline to provide information, either because an exemption applies or on the grounds of the cost of responding to it (section 12 of the FOI Act).

These figures below do not include instances where the exemption applied is where the information is available to the requester by other means:

Reporting period 

Total number of requests

Requests responded to within 20 working days


Section 12 applied to all or part of the request

Exemption applied to all or part of the request

Q3 2020

69 68 99%  3
  1. Section 43 (2) – Commercial Interests. The costings of the CCG’s Counter Fraud provision – the exemption was applied to part of the request
  2. The section 43 (2) exemptions applied in part to three other requests relating to the CCG’s contractual arrangements with service providers.
  3. Section 12 – The cost of compliance exceeds the ‘appropriate limit’. The request required detailed interrogation of Continuing HealthCare cases and invoices. This exemption was applied to two further requests.
  4. Section 40 (2) – Data Protection. Individual GP Practice Manager e-mails were requested and declined.

Q2 2020

(Apr -Jun)
37 35 95%  0


  • Section 40 (2) – Data Protection. Individual GP Practice Manager e-mails were requested and declined.
Q4 2019 (Oct-Dec) 65 64 98% 2


  • Section 22 – Future Publication – This was applied to the publication of the CCG’s Primary Care Estates Strategy.  

Q3 2019 (July-Sept)

 66 64 97%  1 - complete request


  • Section 22 - Future publication (complete request). The information withheld under the exemption relating to future publication has now been published. 
  • Section 40 (2) - Data Protection (part of the request. The information withheld under the exemption relating to Data Protection was the identity of the Nominated Payees of the Primary Care Networks. This information was disclosed to the requester following an internal review of the decision.
Q1 2020 (Jan-Mar) 61 58 95% 4

Exemptions were applied to parts or all of seven request, as follows:

  1. Section 21 – Future Publication – Applied to conception policies which would be published once approved
  2. Section 40 (2) – Data Protection – Applied to (1) PHB payments which could identify an individual and also to (2 & 3) direct contact details of GP Practice Managers.
  3. Section 43 (2) – Commercial Interests – Applied to (1) certain details of hourly agency staffing costs, (2) the CCG’s Data Protection Officer service to GP practices and (3) rebates with pharmaceutical companies.


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