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FOI performance

The CCG publishes all Freedom of Information (FOI) responses via our disclosure log. We also publish information about how many requests we receive, how many we respond to within 20 working days and the number of times we decline to provide information, either because an exemption applies or on the grounds of the cost of responding to it (section 12 of the FOI Act).

These figures below do not include instances where the exemption applied is where the information is available to the requester by other means:

Reporting period 

Total number of requests

Requests responded to within 20 working days


Section 12 applied to all or part of the request

Exemption applied to all or part of the request

Q1 2020


60 57 95% 4
  1. Agency staff costs.
  2. Private transport costs.
  3. Staffing costs.
  4. Agency staff costs.

Q2 2020


37 35 95% 0  

Q3 2020


69 68 99% 4
  1. CHC Fastrack packages.
  2. Sustainability.
  3. Adults with mental and    physical disabilities.
  4. Adults with mental and physical disabilities.

Q4 2020

43 41 95%  1
  1. Request for all correspondence and communications between the CCG and NHSE regarding COVID-19.

Q1 2021

49 40 82%  0
  1. Section 40.Personal Information. The request asked for the e-mail addresses of all Practise Managers.

Q2 2021


58 57 98% 4
  1. Average fees for care homes.
  2. Home care provider fees.
  3. CHC retrospective review cases.
  4. All minutes, e-mails, correspondence etc. relating to a particular care home.

Q3 2021


57 51 89% 4
  1. 20210712- Electronic signing tool.
  2. 20210715- Mental Health costs.
  3. 20210811- Neurological conditions costs.
  4. 20210930 – Care Fees


For further information about these statistics, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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