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The CCG’s communications and engagement strategy 2018/20 is available here. It was approved by the Governing Body in September 2018, you can access the meeting's approved minutes here. The strategy is evidence based, and incorporates feedback from CCG lay advisors for patient and public involvement, CCG GP locality leads, patient representatives from Birmingham and Solihull and Healthwatch Birmingham.

Engaging and involving local people and stakeholders is central to achieving our vision to improve the health of Birmingham and Solihull people. It is a real opportunity for the CCG to bring the conversation back to the core objective of building sustainable services, around the needs of patients and communities, and reflects the Five Year Forward View’s vision for growing public involvement.

Our ambition will not be achieved unless local people are at the heart of everything we do. The CCG’s aim to improve the health of local people requires us to understand, and act on, what really matters to local people and to bring them with us as active partners in decisions about their health and NHS services. Everyone has a stake in the health of their community; an engaged and supportive public, can provide a powerful mandate and resource for our work as it evolves.

As part of our committment to understanding how effective our committees and patient meetings are; we gather feedback after each one through a survey which asks attendees what they feel went well and what could be improved. This intelligence is then used to improve future meetings.

The CCG’s engagement model has been built from the blueprint of the co-produced structure designed with patients, and supported by the Office of Public Management (OPM), following an independent review in 2016. It also takes into account the recommendations from Healthwatch Birmingham and Healthwatch Solihull’s review in 2018. Demonstrating the change of approach, the Governing Body approved the engagement review and redesign of how we engage with our patients, and this paper can be viewed here. This is how you can get involded:

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Health Panel

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Strategic Patient

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Patient Health

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and Solihull
PPG Forum

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Our principles for engagement:

  • Targeted and specific; engaging with the relevant people, at the right time, to influence decision making and help the CCG deliver its priorities, using comprehensive stakeholder mapping, based on equalities analyses
  • A focus on quality, not quantity; obtaining high-quality feedback and insight, from people actually using and experiencing local health services
  • A commitment to providing practical opportunities for co-production with local people, about the issues they care about, which can genuinely influence service design
  • Authentic and as early in the process as possible, to ensure maximum effectiveness, openness and transparency
  • Engagement will be supported by research, evidence and best practice to ensure appropriateness, credibility and innovation
  • The voices of ‘seldom heard’ people and communities will be actively sought, supported by specialist local third sector organisations, where appropriate
  • We will work with our partners, to ensure consistent and effective approaches to engagement, supporting a ‘single conversation’
  • Ensuring that we ‘close the loop’ and provide timely feedback.

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