Patient Health Forum

icons individual 07As part of the CCG’s commitment to engage with a wide range of communities within Birmingham and Solihull, we are working in partnership with Gateway Family Services, a non-profit community interest company, which supports the committee of the Patient Health Forum.

This relationship has helped the CCG to directly capture the views and opinions of the Patient Health Forum; a diverse group of people living with a long-term health condition.

The Patient Health Forum gives a great opportunity for people from a wide range of backgrounds to get together with others and talk about their health condition, as well as give their feedback on health services. By talking directly to patients with long-term conditions, we are able to ask them to help us with the design, improvement and review of health services, enabling them to draw upon their own experiences and expertise.

The group, based in Stirchley, is open to anyone living with a long term health condition in Birmingham, which could be anything from asthma to arthritis or Alzheimer’s to anxiety.

Here are some case studies of just a few local people who benefit from attending the Patient Health Forum: 

Case study: Leslie

Case study: Leslie

Leslie, who is in his 50s, is sole carer for his wife who has Alzheimer's. He was referred to the Patient Health Forum by his GP, who felt he needed some support after experiencing isolation.Leslie

After attending the forum, he has been to every meeting since. He enjoys socialising there, and finds it useful to be able to talk to other people about his wife’s condition and his own situation as a carer. The meetings also include speakers from other agencies and community groups, so Leslie has been able to access further information and speak to support providers directly. 

You can read more about how the Patient Health Forum has helped Leslie here.

Case study: Dennis

Case study: Dennis

Dennis started coming to the Long Term Conditions Group after what he refers to as a “mental breakdown”. Now, he’s a key member of the group – a committee member with a strong social network.Dennis

 Although he was initially very nervous, and found it very difficult to speak to other people, his confidence has grown over time and he now often takes the responsibility of making announcements to the entire group.

You can read more about how the Patient Health Forum has helped Dennis here.

Case study: Valerie

Case study: Valerie

Valerie was directed to the Long Term Conditions Group 13 years ago by course leaders at the Hazelwell Hub in Kings Heath, where she had been on a self-management course to help her manage her Valeriedeteriorating eyesight. She’s been a regular ever since.

The group has provided important emotional and social support over the years, especially since the passing of her husband. Like many other group members, she finds that the friendly but discreet and respectful atmosphere makes it easier to talk to others about her feelings.

You can read more about how the Patient Health Forum has helped Valerie here

How can I get involved?

To get involved, please contact Gateway Family Services on 0121 456 7820.

When are the meetings?

You can view upcoming dates in our public events calendar here.

Updates from previous meetings

August 2019

The group welcomed a guest speaker from the Birmingham Carers Hub, who spoke about the different services they provide for carers, and those being cared for. Members of the Forum also heard about the proposed changes to adult services across Solihull, Good Hope and Heartlands Hospitals. Although there were some concerns, the group felt that the impact on them would be very limited.

July 2019

The group were updated on the Neighbourhood Network Scheme, followed by a storytelling session. The meeting ended with a short guided meditation session, which has proven to be very popular; members of the group have now started to lead the meditation sessions themselves!

June 2019

The group was joined by guest musicians Tim and Mel, who entertained the group with a range of covers from over the decades, which led to a sing-along session.

May 2019

The group welcomed a guest speaker from Enable Holidays Company, who spoke about they services the provide to customers with physical disabilities. 

April 2019

The guest speaker at April's meeting was from Forward Carers (Birmingham Carers consortium). Many members of the group have caring responsibilities, so there were lots of questions and Forward Carers provided some helpful signposting suggestions.

March 2019

The group undertook some activities to benefit the body and mind; with some chair based exercise and a guided meditation session. Attendance was particularly strong this month! 

February 2019 

Age UK came to give a talk about entitlements and additional help that older people can receive. Support staff from Gateway Family Services prepared a healthy lunch for Forum members. 

October 2018

At the 11 October 2018 meeting, the Patient Health Forum enjoyed the second of their "Five ways to wellbeing and guided meditation" session. Members also chatted to Anita Fellows, the CCG's Senior Patient Experience Manager.

Patient Health Forum October 2018










September 2018

At the 13 September 2018 meeting, the Patient Health Forum were treated to the first of two "Five ways to wellbeing and guided meditation" sessions.

August 2018

At the 9 August 2018 meeting, the Patient Health Forum held their NHS70 celebration, marking the 70th birthday of the NHS. The group enjoyed cake, dancing and talked about their memories of the NHS.

Patient Health Forum 2 Aug 2018










April 2018

At the 19 April 2018 meeting, the Patient Health Forum talked with members of the Communications and Engagement Team from Birmingham and Solihull CCG, finding out about the new organisation which was formed on 1 April 2018 and is the largest CCG in England.