John O’Donnell

John ODonnellI am a retired engineering and marketing executive for the motor industry.

I became involved with the following health related initiatives through my personal family experience:·

  • Downs syndrome
  • Respiratory illness
  • Special needs care
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Mental health care, particularly learning difficulties
  • Alzheimer's and dementia treatment and care
  • Care in the community, particularly the patient experience.

Because of my family experiences, I felt there was a need for the patient voice to be represented and so I became involved with the following:

  • I am a member of my Patient Participation Group at my GP practice
  • I am a member of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Public
  • Members Research Support Group
  • I am a CCG strategic patient partner
  • I am an associate member of Solihull Patient Network.

It is through my domestic background, as opposed to my professional/working background, that I have become “hooked” on the “poorly patient” and their need to have a voice. I’m an interested carer, who has found navigating a path through the muddle which is our NHS, fascinating. But for some patients, it’s frustrating.

I’d like to help change that.