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Get road savvy this summer

As the Stay Safe this Summer campaign continues, the local NHS in Birmingham and Solihull is keen to drive home the message about road safety and help reduce the number of children getting injured and killed on the region’s roads.

Last year the number of youngsters killed on the roads rose by a quarter.

“Traffic is one of the biggest killers in children and young people,” says Di Rhoden, Interim Deputy Director of Nursing & Quality. “Most children under the age of nine can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are.”

Sadly, it is the biggest killer of 15-19 year-olds, and the second biggest killer of children aged 5-14.

Road safety charity, Brake, offers lots of advice and information to help keep families safe. Take the road safety pledge and show your support to protect yourselves and those around you.

It can be hard knowing how best to teach your child to stay safe. Here are some tips to break it down and keep it simple:

  • Get young children into the habit of holding your hand or use walking reins
  • Ask questions while you’re out to help them understand simple ideas like ‘fast’ and ‘slow’
  • You can start teaching the Green Cross Code from age five, encouraging children to stop, look, listen and think
  • But they won’t always remember safety rules, especially if they’re excited or spot a friend across the road
  • Children will copy what you do, so try to avoid stepping into the road without checking for traffic first. If you can do the right thing, it will help them get into good habits.

“Our ultimate aim is to see less hospital admissions and reduce the number of children dying on our roads,” added Di Rhoden, “and we’re asking people to spread the message to their kids so that families can all enjoy a safe and happy summer.”

For more information about road safety campaigns and resources please visit:

Parents can also download this free activity sheet for kids.

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