Reversal of male sterilisation

What is reversal of male sterilisation?

Reversal of male sterilisation is a surgical procedure which involves re-joining the sperm-carrying tubes that were cut or blocked during a vasectomy.

It’s possible to have a vasectomy reversed. Reversal of male sterilisation is rarely funded by the NHS as the success rates of the procedure are not very high and there is no guarantee that the patient’s fertility will return.

Not normally funded treatment or procedure

The reversal of male sterilisation is not routinely commissioned. This means (for patients who DO NOT meet the above criteria) the CCG will only fund the treatment if an Individual Funding Request (IFR) application proves exceptional clinical need and that is supported by the CCG.

Advice and guidance

  • For more information, search for ‘can I get a sterilisation reversal on the NHS’ at
  • Choosing Wisely UK is part of a global initiative aimed at improving conversations between patients and their doctors and nurses.

Or visit the following websites:

Treatment policy for patients covered by NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG

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