Revision of previous cosmetic surgery

What is revision of previous cosmetic surgery?

Revision plastic surgery encompasses any cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure that has to be repeated after a previous procedure. Revision may be performed for movement (functional) or looks (aesthetic) purposes.

Not normally funded treatment or procedure:

Revision surgery following previous cosmetic surgery is not normally funded by the patient’s local NHS commissioning organisation. This is because the financial risk of revision surgery lies with the organisation which provided the original treatment or procedure.

It is also important to note that revision of plastic surgery procedures originally performed in the private sector will not be funded. Referring clinicians should re-refer to the practitioner who carried out the original treatment.

The clinician in charge of the care of the patient’s specific condition, usually a hospital doctor, can assist the application, if there is exceptional clinical need for the treatment to be funded. The patient’s clinician must evidence clinical exceptionality and must be supported by the patient’s local NHS commissioning organisation.

See separate leaflet for more information on Individual Funding Requests (IFRs).

Advice and further guidance:

For more information search for ‘guide to cosmetic surgeries’ on the NHS UK website

Treatment policy for patients covered by NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG